Growing the faith. Our own faith journeys seem like an ongoing cycle of growth: seeds of faith planted by our parents, nurtured by family and friends, strengthened by the seasons of our lives, especially times of trial when we cling close to the Lord’s love and hope.

In Uganda, St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary has been nurturing the faith of young men called to the priesthood for more than a century. Father Joachim, ordained after studies at this seminary, attributes his vocation to the witness of the priests he encountered as a youth, and his family’s prayer life. “Priesthood was an inclination deep in my heart,” Father Joachim says, “and I am grateful to all who helped it grow.”

Today, this seminary’s almost 300 students are formed to be leaders in the faith – and in the field, as they learn agriculture practices on the seminary’s farm, knowledge they’ll take back to their parishes to help combat hunger. These future priests will feed body and soul.

Each year the Society for the Propagation of the Faith/Society of St. Peter Apostle sends support for some 30,000 young men preparing for the priesthood in mission seminaries – providing textbooks, technology, housing, food and medical care for the students.

Growing the Faith. Will you help today? A gift of $700 is a year’s supports for a seminarian. Maybe you can help towards that with a month’s help of $60? Or contribute $25 for a month’s formation of a future Sister or Brother. Know that you will also be contributing to growing the faith in the most vulnerable communities around the world through the witness and service of these future priests and religious in the Missions.

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On their behalf, we extend thanks for your generous missionary heart, and promise a special place in our prayers during these summer months.

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